Tuesday Tip – 5 Terms All Sellers Should Know


Hello again.

It's James Daniel with Georgia Florida real estate and I've got a Tuesday tip of the week.

Today's tip.

I wanna talk about five terms.

All sellers should know in the real estate market.

Number one chain of title,

a chain of title is a document that shows all owners of that home since the

construction of that home.

Number two,

a pending transaction,

a pending transaction is an agreement or a contract has been been reached,

it just hasn't closed yet or gone to the closing table.

Number three,

curb appeal simply put this is just how your home looks from the curb

or from the outside.

Number four,

sold as is as is means the seller will not or is not

willing to make problem corrections or repairs or anything

like that upon the sale.

And number five easy one,

it's an appraisal.

An appraisal is just an estimated value or market value of any one

piece of property.

That's all I've got today.

If I can help you or any of our great realtors up here at Georgia Florida Real Estate can help you.

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