Tuesday Tip – Buying Property


This is Cynthia Grillos with Georgia Florida real estate and your Tuesday,

Tuesday tip.

When you are looking to buy a property,

it's really important to talk with your real estate agent and your lenders and consider not

just the cost of the home that you want to be able to buy,

but also the cost that you are going to see going into a deal.

And that includes what are inspections going to cost.

What inspections are also required of your lender because depending on the type of loan that you're

using is going to dictate what inspections you are going to be

required to have done before you go to buy your home.

Such as do you need septa do you need well,

and how much are our appraisals running?

These are all numbers that you can talk to your agent.

We'll be able to give you an estimate of upfront.

What cost you are going to have,

what money you need to have put aside so that you are ready to put that offer on

that home and get into some of your dreams.